Closet Exploration

photoWith the beginning of a new job I have been exercising and exploring my closet.  Determination, sweaters and the right shoes can result in a lot of fun, new outfits.  Local consignment shopping with a friend and scoring 80% off jewelry (Kohls…) helps too.
Pinterest has a lot of outfit ideas, no surprise.  However, utilizing these ideas is key.  I pin outfits that I can create with clothes that I already own.  On occasion I see outfits that I have 75% of and keep an eye out for the remaining sweater, skirt, scarf, etc.  This helps me control my spending as well as utilize my closet to its fullest potential.  My mom and I also have a motto when shopping – if you don’t love it, don’t buy it.  Why fill your closet with things that you kind of like instead of waiting for items that you know you’ll wear over and over?  The self restraint that goes along with this mindset is hard, but it is possible.  Give it a try!Here’s my Pinterest Board for office attire –