Do Your Work

Third time is the charm came true for me this weekend when I had the opportunity to hear Bob Goff speak. Twice before Bob had stopped by Louisville, but a small person prevented my attendance. Bob wrote the book, Love Does, and if you have not had a chance to read it open another browser window and go buy it on Amazon!

Bob has so many amazing stories and as I walked hurriedly to my car in the frigid weather after the event, I began to think about what makes his life such an awesome adventure. Bob’s main message that evening was to do your work. Commit to where God has brought you, faithfully move forward, and in time God will begin to reveal his purpose. I had the honor to work for a veteran, lawyer and historian who put it this way,

“We have to get out of the way and let God be God.” – Colonel Ronald D. Ray

Regardless of what Bob has encountered in life from arranging meeting with Sultans on Twitter to contracting Malaria, his joy is made complete by following after God wholeheartedly. Bob has made his life about seeking out those that society pushes away and never saying no to opportunity. If this life is only a speck in the span of eternity, then what do we have to lose?

Bob ended his message with a dare to walk on the edge of our comfort zones. God uses desperation to draw us closer to Him. Examine your current situation, seek to understand the work God has called you to here and now and step out on the edge. Make 2017 about wholeheartedly jumping into God and go do your work.

Scars, Scarves and Love

Today is the sixth year anniversary of my cancer free diagnosis. Life is always moving forward and whether we like it or not, we have to move forward too. It’s the natural rhythm of life. However, I am thankful for memories that allow us to celebrate the good and overcoming the bad in life. A memory that came to the forefront of my mind this year is a fashion I sported after my first cancer surgery. Being that I had a rather large circular wound on my head (and bald spot) I began wearing scarves over the hideous area. I do believe I owe this fashion statement to my mom, who was creatively trying to come up with a solution that made me feel somewhat normal when out in public. My love of scarves blossomed at the cancer center in Texas and has only continued to grow. I now have quite a collection that I enjoy using to spruce up outfits. Little did I know I was starting a trend. Fashion scarves now litter the stores. It must have been my influence!

I could not have survived my cancer days without my mom (thanks mom, you rock!), but I also was filled with the strength of family, friends and strangers that God continually put in my path. His love was constantly beaming in people around me. When you feel God tugging at your heart and pushing you do something, go for it. I bet you will bless someone in the process even if you never know.

After my surgeries I was self conscious about my large scars, but a good friend gave me some wonderful words of advice – the right people will love you all the more for them. He was right. I still don’t show off my bald spots, but I’m learning to be loved and show love each day. ¬†Here’s to another year of scars, scarves and love.

IMG_0002 IMG_0013 IMG_9979

Photo Credit: my patient husband