Less is Best – Step 1

As I was brainstorming ideas on how to reduce spending, I opened my email and realized the unnecessary temptation I was exposing myself too.  Daily I was receiving dozens of marketing emails from a variety of my favorite stores. Most of them I originally signed up for to get an extra discount or to stay abreast of sales.  However, this constant onslaught of “great deal” emails was only inspiring me to browse countless pages of items I didn’t really need.  Now, I will say that I’m not a very compulsive buyer.  Most of my purchases require a careful contemplation and this is a tremendous tool! The problem is, justification can quickly masquerade as need and deceive a careful spender, particularly when deep discounts are available (which is exactly what marketers want you to believe).  Plus, I was only opening about 10% of the marketing emails.  What a waste of time to have to sit and delete that junk out of my email inbox.  So! I started unsubscribing from all but a few newsletters that pertain to local, natural grocery stores and my favorite coupon blog.

Finding a great deal is one of my favorite challenges, but it is time to find a new way to challenge myself when it comes to clothes and house decor. My new challenge will be finding inspiration on Pinterest for outfits out of my amazing closet full of clothes and house decor (and maybe even gifts) out of the variety of crafting supplies in my basement. Next time you open your email and start to click on that ad from Pottery Barn, ask yourself – what can I find contentment and joy in that I already have?