You Are Enough

As a stay at home mom trying to stay sane through keeping up with friends and following accounts of perfectly clean and decorated homes on Instagram, it can become a path down the dark hole like in Alice in Wonderland. As you descend you think about all the times you could have made different choices that would have affected the now. All the careers and passions you didn’t pursue that are so easy to see in hindsight. Before you go deeper and darker and your self esteem shrinks to three inches tall, take a bite of the reality shortbread cookie. Remember those sleeping littles in your moments of quiet and say to yourself, I am enough. God made me for them, for this. I am making life possible for them. Not on your own of course, but without you who would they be and become. You are enough. As you clean the house, wash the clothes, run the errands, prepare child compatible meals, break up disagreements and find new ways to make the same toys fascinating, you are enough. 

Don’t stop growing, learning, deepening and humbling yourself. But also, don’t buy into the manufactured, advertised lie that you need to be so much more than you already are to be worth anything to others. Take hold of yourself and go forward. Use the motivation to propel you into 2021 and make it your best year yet. 

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