Chowder Recipe and Tips

Corn Potato Ham Chowder – Let’s Get Cooking!

Earlier this week I posted a video on Instagram (@lifeinreview) of me prepping veggies for a variety of meals. So far we’ve had tortilla soup and corn chowder, yum! I’ll be honest I completely winged the tortilla soup. I used shredded carrots and diced onions and celery as the base for both soups. I still had leftover pork shoulder from last week’s slow cooker meal prep recipe so I used that instead of chicken. I also used a seasoning pouch that I had from Frontera. The great thing about soups is their flexibility.

One of my favorite tortilla soup recipes is by the lovely Pioneer Woman. You can check it out here:

Ok, onto the corn chowder! I love the Simple Truth line of products at Kroger. Not all are organic, but they all are natural/limited ingredient. I recently stumbled across cooked, uncured ham which is perfect for making chowder. I can’t eat nitrates, and they really aren’t good for you, so I was super excited to find uncured, nitrate free ham! With the veggies pre-sliced, a frozen package of corn and the packaged ham, all I had left was to dice up my organic gold potatoes. Gold potatoes cook faster than Russet and you don’t have to peel the skin off, both of which are great time savers.







Here is the chowder I based by meal off of:

I didn’t feel the need to add the heavy cream or sour cream at the end as my roux made the chowder plenty thick. I did add a little cheese and green onions to the top. Mmmmmm.

Hope you all are staying warm! Now go make some soup.

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