Cancer changed my perspective on food and one of the health changes I continue to embrace is buying hormone and antibiotic free chicken and beef.  Understandably, this meat is a bit more expensive than the average grocery store options. However, a freezer plus sales make buying “healthy” meat affordable.  So the first question is, where does one find this meat?  Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Earth Fare, Fresh Market and Lucky’s Market are all local examples of chain stores that have hormone free meat options.

My two top spots for meat deals are Fresh Market and Lucky’s Market.  Fresh Market runs a different sale each month on Tuesdays ONLY.  The month of January features $2.99 (per pound) Tuesdays for chicken and beef.  What I love about Fresh Market is their friendly meat department staff will wrap my meat into whatever portions I need (which is usually 1lb.).  When I get home, all I have to do is pull out what I want to use that week and toss the rest into my freezer.  Done!

Lucky’s Market has plain ridiculous deals. Their sales run from Wednesday to Wednesday and every Wednesday is double ad day so you get the sales from the week prior and the week to come!  Be warned, it gets quite busy.  I’ve seen Lucky’s run sales on chicken and beef for right around $1.99 per lb. For hormone free, they definitely win the best deal award.

All of these stores, while naturally focused, sell a variety of items so always read the labels to ensure your food is more than a cool looking package. I’ve signed up to receive weekly emails from Fresh Market, Lucky’s and Earth Fare so that I can stay on top of sales.

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