Going and Coming – A New Year

2014 was a full year and in ways I am sorry to say goodbye. Nonetheless, I am enjoying my banister adorned with Christmas cards and the year-end reviews of friends and family. In a world of incredible technology, I’m thankful for certain age-old traditions.

Our house is coming along, as is my list of ideas for house projects (thanks, Pinterest…). I still find myself meandering around the house holding picture frames up to the walls and finding new purposes for aged objects in our storage room. I also find myself stopping mid-stairs and thinking….we have stairs, and a basement and how thankful I am for God’s provision. Life is by no means perfect, but there is always an opportunity to be grateful.

2015 will be year of frugality for my home. I’m not sure what this year will bring. A couple of months ago I would have told you that 2015 would bring a new career move for me. Instead, it brings a new career for Austin. I also would have told you that it would involve a puppy, but instead I think I’ll just borrow someone else’s pooch when I want to go to the park.

I’ve never made New Year’s resolutions, but this year I decided to choose a word to encompass the year. This a tradition that my vivacious grandma has followed every year. For 2015 she picked the word “tune”, she wants to be more in tune with people around her. I picked the word “touch”. How can I touch others, new experiences, places, old treasures…? Austin picked the word “growth”. Life sure has a strange way about it. He is embracing his word without a doubt.

Together, Austin and I decided to make 2015 a year of spending less and enjoying what’s around us more. We originally made the decision not because we couldn’t spend, but because we both feel like we completely missed last summer. Instead of traveling and shopping (both of which I LOVE to do), we are going to make it a year of pool side dates, backyard marshmallow roasts, hikes through the park, splashing in the sprinklers with an adorable niece and enjoying the “everyday”.

This year, I’m going to try and remind myself that less is best.

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