I Can’t Unlove You


I came across this phrase recently and it is stuck in my head like a post-it note. I keep looking at it, as my mind turns over its multiple connotations. OneRepublic’s catchy song, Love Runs Out, would disagree greatly with this statement. Yet, a blissfully enchanted lover might use this phrase to demonstrate the epitome of their devotion. Four words, yet such different viewpoints.

This week Austin and I are celebrating our two year anniversary and as a happily married wife, I must admit that my love has grown for my husband since we said “I do”. Thus, I fall into the category of blissfully enchanted lover. I think I find myself staring at the phrase above because I don’t want to unlove my husband. This phrase is a reminder that there must always be forgiveness and patience in any relationship. Also, It is a kind of reassurance to my lover that all of the days we have spent together, loving each other, mean more than dirty dishes, forgotten trash cans and the other annoyances that come from having a neat freak wife. It’s like saying, “I will always love you because I’ve committed my heart to you and I am not going to let outside things take that away.” It’s both a promise to my husband and a challenge for me.

As OneRepublic’s peppy song makes its rounds on the radio, it sends a message of passionate yet shallow love. It says, “I’ll commit to you until I don’t feel the love anymore.” The harsh truth is that we can’t truly unlove someone once we’ve given part of our heart to them. That part of us will forever be gone, you can’t just take your heart back to Cupid and ask for an exchange. However, pain has the ability to mask love. I look at the broken relationships around me and I see a hurt that comes and says “I will unlove you.” The heart wrenching formation of those four words is often the beginning of the building of a brick wall encasing the memory of what once was. As the mud is slung brick by brick, the love disappears from sight.

Unfortunately, emotional love it so prevalent it in our culture today. I am continually grateful for the example of messy, mutual, rock climbing love that is exemplified in amazing couples that I am blessed to call friends and family. My grandparents committed to an “I Can’t Unlove You” relationship over 55 years ago and pray that Austin and I will share that same kind of relationship for the rest of our life together.

Today, if you have found your lifetime lover, commit to them with an “I Can’t Unlove You” relationship and let’s show the world what true love should look like.

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